Police: Robbers target South Loop pedestrians

July 13, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Those robberies occurred in an area between Roosevelt and 18th Street and between Prairie and Michigan Avenue. Police confirm that most of the attacks have taken place on Indiana Avenue.

Police say the offenders exit a vehicle, approach the victims from behind and knock them to the ground before taking their valuables.

Authorities are looking for three to four males and at least one female involved in at least one of the incidents.

The alert has South Loop residents concerned.

"You can't even go outside anymore. You're wondering who is going to attack you and who is going to do anything to you. You have to carry mace nowadays," said Summer Woods, South Loop resident.

"My wife actually sent me an e-mail sent by our condo manager basically saying that there's been like four attacks here on Indiana," said Kelly Fischer, South Loop resident.

Dalyn Hubeldt has lived in the area for nine years.

"You think you are in a good neighborhood, you know a lot of people and you're out and about. So it is really unnerving," said she said.

"I think it's a shame that we're having these attacks. But it's part of city living and you just need to be on the lookout," said Diane Andrews, South Loop resident.

Jorge Mando, the owner of Cafe Society, has been in business 10 years in the South Loop and also lives in the area.

"We are deciding to get together to form a civic patrol. We are not going to permit that to happen anymore. This is a peaceful community and we are proud of this community and we are not going to tolerate that these people come here and make the community a mess," Mando told ABC7.

Police are telling residents to be aware of their surroundings and to travel in a group. If residents see something suspicious, they should call 911.

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