WCL: Meet The 10-Million-Mile Man

He has been around the world and back again... many times! Last week, Tom Stuker from Bloomingdale, Illinois, made history by becoming the first person ever to cross the line over 10-million frequent flyer miles. Tom stopped by the studio to celebrate and talk about the milestone.


-Great website to use is www.flyertalk.com, they have great information to save you money.

-Be the last on the plane so you can pick your seat. This only works if you don't have carry-on luggage though.

-Max Your Miles: You get bonus and introductory miles when you sign up for airline credit cards. Great way to get extra miles.

-Do You Homework. Go to Trip Advisor to see where the best deals are.

-Get Your Money's Worth. If there are any problems with your flight/hotel talk to the person in charge immediately and see what they have to offer you, but never take the first offer. Always put the ball in their court, ask them "If you were me what would you want to fix this problem?"