Winfield native returns to Joplin after surviving tornado

July 17, 2011 5:04:34 PM PDT
A Chicago area man, who was in Joplin, Mo., when a massive tornado struck the area in May, went back to Joplin Sunday.

Jordan Aubey, 27, got a send-off from his family's church in suburban Winfield. He is a television reporter in Joplin.

He survived the tornado by hunkering down in a bathtub. He suffered a broken hip and damaged spleen.

Aubey says things are still tough for the people in Joplin: "No matter who you talk to back there, they indirectly say to you it's still unthinkably, unspeakable bad. The only way you can survive is by being with others in the same situation as you."

Aubey is taking a truckload of donated supplies to furnish his new apartment.