40 arrested in fake driver's license bust

July 22, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced the arrests Friday morning.

The people are all between the ages of 17 and 20. They were caught after Customs agents seized more than 1,700 counterfeit driver's licenses shipped from China earlier this year.

"At the heart of this," Dart said, "this is more an overall warning to kids and to parents that this behavior, A, you're gonna get caught, and B, you're gonna destroy your opportunities, both from the criminal record you're gonna have, but also financially, you're gonna destroy your financial record. This is dumb."

Investigators were able to track down the young people easily since they changed their birthdates on their fake IDs, but not their names.

They also sent their photos to the company in China, putting them at risk for identity theft, according to Dart.

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