What to wear to a job interview

July 25, 2011 (CHICAGO)

During the hot summer months, if you're lucky enough to land an interview, it can be difficult to know what's appropriate and not appropriate to wear for that interview. Sara Knox, with Robert Half International, offers some advice. Robert Half International is the world's first and largest specialized staffing firm.

  • Capri pants
  • Excessive jewelry
  • T-shirts
  • Wrinkled, dingy clothing
  • Neutral-color suit
  • Minimize distractions
  • Summer layers
  • Use the "if I have to ask" rule
Advice to job seekers wondering what to wear to an interview: Job seekers should research the firm before the interview to get a sense of what's appropriate to wear to the meeting. If you have time, you can visit the company to pick up some corporate literature and observe what current employees are wearing. Consider factors such as whether the job is in a big city or small town, and the type of industry. Would the job entail working mostly with internal or external customers and how would interaction typically occur -- by phone or in person? They can tap their network to speak to current or former employees, or look online to find articles that discuss the company's culture.

    How to bounce back from a poor outfit chose in the interview:
  • Stay upbeat
  • Focus on what you have to offer
  • End on a positive note
    Other advice for job-seekers during the interview:
  • Be aware of body language – maintain good posture and eye contact, remain engaged throughout the interview
  • Always send a follow-up note
  • When appropriate, ask questions of the interviewer
  • Do your research

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