2 west suburbs declared disaster areas after storms

July 28, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The total rainfall for July so far is 9.8 inches and more is in the forecast.

At 10 p.m., ComEd said 15,000 residents in the Chicago area did not have electricity.

With the power out, safety was a priority Thursday night in Carol Stream. Extra police were on duty and mobile lights illuminated the streets as the village braced for another potential storm.

"We may not have seen the worst of it yet. It could be a repeat of last night or it can be an all rain event and that creates a whole set of problems," said Mary Frusolone, village trustee.

The concern was that more rain would fill creeks and flood the area.

The storm that hit overnight Thursday toppled dozens of trees, closing 27 roads. The 60-mile-an-hour winds even tossed around RVs.

"It must have traveled 120 feet, looks like. The thing that's unusual about this is the wheels are chocked," said Jim Bratchun, Hometown RVs.

Lightning zapped a house in Schaumburg and struck a city building in Aurora.

Back in Carol Stream, Cindy Noworul took pictures of a tree that fell on her home. Crews removed the tree.

"I was just like, 'now what do I do.' I did not expect that," she said.

Not far away, power lines were still down at the Kalinowski home. Their trees are shredded. Inside, the power was out and staying there was not an option.

"Packing everyone up and going to grandma's house...stay cool there because she has the power," said Walterm Kalinowski. "We're sweating just standing here."

Power crews continued their work as Carol Stream pulled together.

"It's been almost a pleasure to be out here in a bad time. It's just the nature of the people. They are taking it in stride. Everybody's helping, it's just neighbors helping neighbors," said Mayor Frank Severino Sr.

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