WCL: Meet our McCartney Winner

Our "7 Seconds To McCartney" winner is Thomas Repetny of Oak Lawn. His video received more than 36,000 votes and we received nearly 60,000 votes.

Thomas is a HUGE McCartney fan. He even has a website, http://tomwantstoplaywithpaulmccartney.com

Hi entry to our contest is actually from a video he made years ago. His daughter, Emma, who is now 7 years old, was 2 when he made the video. Thomas also plays in a local Chicago band, Monk 9, www.monk9.com. He plays guitar and Bass at the same time.

He has seen Paul McCartney 30 times in the front row and he actually met Sir Paul in 1993 at a restaurant because McCartney recognized Thomas from all the times he was in front row.

Now Thomas is going to the Paul McCartney concert at Wrigley Field on July 31st, thanks to the Cubs and Windy City LIVE. Congrats, Thomas!