Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon's band Loose Gravel

August 1, 2011 (BIO)

An eclectic blues and boogie based band with traces of folk, rock, country, funk, and lush vocal harmonies, formed in 1998. Members are Jayme McCarroll (mando, harmonica, guitar, percussion, vocals), Lynda Killoran (bass, drums, vocals), Maria Johnson (piano/keyboard, guitar, vocals), Cindy Clark (guitar, drums, vocals), and Sheila Simon (banjo, bassoon, vocals). A "democratic" band, members take turns singing lead and providing multi-part vocal back-up across a wide range of original material and cover songs. The band has been together for 12 years. They all sing and they all write songs. They have 1 CD out and play mostly folk rock and blues.

Band members are: Cindy Clark (guitar, drum/percussion), Jayme McCarroll (mandolin, harmonica, guitar, drum/percussion, kazoo), Lynda Killoran (bass, drums), Maria Johnson (piano/keyboard, electric guitar), Sheila Simon (banjo, bassoon). All sing.

Each member comes with her own entourage of influences & inspirations. As a band, we have been blessed by the up-close inspiration of Kelley Hunt and Saffire-- The Uppity Blues Women (Gaye Adegbalola, Andra Faye, Ann Rabson).

August 17th
Illinois State Fair
Miller Lite Beer Tent

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