Chicago residents weary of debt debate, want deal

August 1, 2011 (CHICAGO)

ABC 7's Evelyn Holmes asked some Chicago residents how they feel about the drawn-out battle over the debt ceiling.

Responses to the debt-limit deal ranged from strong and emotional to disgust and disappointment.

"We need to stand by our president to make this happen for everyone, not just Republicans and Democrats, everyone," said William Word.

"I think it's just a political play where the tea party politicians, they're trying to get attention," said Adri Hitigahuvessy.

While the debt deal may save the United States from a financial crisis, some analysts are still concerned about the economy.

"Our rates have started to ease a little bit going against the grain because that market is telling us what we having going on economically is not good and probably getting worse," said Scott Shellady, ICAP derivatives manager.

On Monday, the agreement between President Barack Obama and top congressional leaders was a hot topic of discussion on ABC 7's Facebook page. Calvin Townsell wrote,"thank you, President Obama and congressional leaders, for coming to a deal!" David Wade, on the other hand, left a comment saying, "flawed, scared and inept society we have. Get ready."

On Monday afternoon, the plan became the talk of the town for callers to Cliff Kelly Show on WVON-Radio 1390, while job creators like recycler Ken Williams of Shred Authority said no deal would mean uncertainty for his bottom line.

"If it didn't happen, interest rates may go up and at that point we'd be in bad shape," he said.

But Chris Holman was just glad there was some sort of deal.

"It's not just relief from my standpoint but for the entire world. This affects everybody," said Holman.

There were a range of emotions and responses as lawmakers and the president appeared set to sign off on the deal. The only aspect of the issue that people seemed to be somewhat positive about was the fact that it was being resolved.

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