Program providing computers to seniors expands

August 7, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Already, Davis has launched an effort to get computers to seniors. Now the program is expanding to include communities around a number of senior facilities in his district.

Nine hundred computers will be distributed to people who complete a training class and can show they have broadband access. Ex-offenders will refurbish and maintain the computers.

The operator of one senior facility said he's seen how residents can benefit from having access to such technology.

"This is very, very powerful because they're able to tell their life stories, they're able to share pictures, have Facebook accounts. And when I walk into that computer lab and I see our senior citizens online and smilin' like, 'Yeah, I'm talking to nieces and I'm talking to nephews, grandchildren.' It's a very, very powerful piece," said Donald Dew, president and CEO, Habilitative Systems Inc.

A grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development will fund the project.

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