1-year-old shot in head on South Side

August 23, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The shooting took place just after 8 a.m. in the 8400-block of South Muskegon Avenue.

The child is in critical condition at Children's Memorial Hospital.

The shooting rattled the neighborhood and many ducked for cover. One teenage girl tried to shield her niece from the gunfire but the baby was still hit by a bullet.

Deandre Farley was taking out the garbage near 84th and Muskegon when the ordinary household chore put him in harm's way.

"It was rapid and I ran to the house," Farley said.

Gunshots that rang out when police say two male teens began shooting at a bicyclist who got away.

Farley made it home safe, told his roommate what happened, and they both saw their next door neighbor run past them. That 14-year-old girl was clutching her 1-year-old niece, a trail of blood behind her.

Police say the two were out walking their dog and that when the shots rang out the niece fell on the child. At first, neighbors weren't sure what caused injuries to the child's head. It was later determined that she was hit by one of the bullets.

"It's unfortunate people can't walk with their kids out here," said neighbor Christopher Porter.

The child was transferred to Children's Memorial Hospital where she underwent surgery and is in critical condition. Neighbors say her family is friendly and hard-working, and they are frustrated with violence in the neighborhood.

"There's no regard for human life, you know. I could just say that hopefully we can come together as a neighborhood, because we struggle," said Porter.

The people responsible for the shooting are still on the loose. Police ask anyone with information about what happened to give them a call.

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