Family: No drugs, no animal neglect following raid

August 31, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Neighbors have complained about illegal activity in the home, including animal abuse and drugs, according to officials. But the homeowners deny it. No charges have been filed.

Members of both the SWAT team and Chicago Police Gang Crimes Unit were involved in executing the search warrant on the home near the intersection of Sheffield and Armitage on the city's North Side.

"They had all of this street blocked off. All of this blocked off. They had the SWAT force out here. For some dogs? Come on. You gotta get that many people out there?" Valda Carter said.

Carter's 21-year-old nephew and 48-year-old brother were arrested. Animal Care and Control officials seized the family's four pit bulls.

"There's no drugs being sold here. There's no dog fighting. There's no weapons," Carter said.

The Carter's home is split into two apartments. It's owned by her father, 78-year-old R. J. Harris, who moved in more than three decades ago. The retired Chicago Housing Agency manager said he's felt pressure to sell his home for years because of his neighbors. That home sits on a quiet block next to a children's park in the gentrified neighborhood.

"I don't steal. I don't do anything but mind my own business, so right is right," Harris said.

"We're here. We're not bothering nobody. We were here before you got here, so stands to reason why should we leave just because you come," Carter said.

Harris showed ABC7 the room where one of the dogs was kept and basement where two others stayed. He also said police broke a window.

The family said they have had two of the dogs for six years, and that they have always treated them well.

"Like they're part of the family. They are part of our family. And that's how we treat them," Yvonne Harris Adeoye, resident.

"You come and raid somebody's house, you break out all our windows, for no reason. There's no reason. It was uncalled for," Carter said.

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