Homemade chocolate treats from Old Town's Delightful Pastry and Bakery Cafe

September 1, 2011 (CHICAGO)


Delightful Pastry and Bakery Cafe (Old Town)
1710 N. Wells
(312) 255-0724

Delightful Pastry and Bakery Cafe (Chicago French Market)
131 N. Clinton Ave
(312) 234-9644

Delightful Pastry and Bakery Cafe (Jefferson Park)
5927 W. Lawrence Ave
(312) 545-7215


    Fall Baking Classes:
  • September 9 - Appetizers
  • September 25 - Fall Desserts
  • October 9 - Everything Pumpkin

Dobra's Tips:

1. Before you begin, make sure you have all the ingredients of the recipe. Bad to start then be missing something!

2. Scale all your ingredients before beginning your recipe.

3. Make sure that all your ingredients are at the right temperature. If they need to be at room temperature, take the products out of the refrigerator for a couple hours in advance.

4.Be careful with chocolate, as it can burn easily. Heat it in increments, stirring at all times.

5. When separating eggs make sure to do it while they are very cold.

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