Teaching Kids To Learn

September 3, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Dr. Anne Grall Reichel joined us in our ABC7 studio to talk about "Expect More: Children Can Do Remarkable Things." She wants to invite adults to regenerate the entrepreneurial spirit in children.

Reichel is an independent educational consultant working with school districts throughout northern Illinois. She serves as an adjunct faculty member in the education department at Lake Forest College.

Dr. Reichel's Tips:

1. Model! Model! Model!
When our children see us pick up a book, a nook or go to the Web to research something we are uncertain about, we model the importance of learning for a lifetime.

2. Stop Enabling and Start Challenging Your Child
As children work their way through challenges, they build the confidence needed to embrace the next challenge that comes along.

3. Insist On Evidence
When your child makes a claim about a phenomenon, insist upon evidence to support the claim.

4. Bring Back Dinner Conversation
Resist the temptation to eat dinner with your cell phone at the table and the television blaring in the background.

For more information, check out www.childrencandoremarkablethings.com

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