Plane from Chicago skids off Ottawa runway

September 4, 2011 (OTTAWA, Ontario)

United confirms that it was flight No. 3363, which is a United Express flight operated by an airline called Trans State.

The accident happened Sunday afternoon. United says the plane slid off the pavement and wound up in a grassy area. There were 44 passengers on board, along with two pilots and a flight attendant.

Some passengers say the plane was landing during a heavy rainstorm. "I was sitting by the window. Dirt was flying by the window and it was over in split seconds. And we looked out the window. The wind, the wing, the wing was bentdug into the ground kind of supporting the plane. And lots of screaming lots of yelling," said passenger Barry Silverman.

All the passengers got off the plane safely and were taken to the terminal on city buses. Investigators are trying to figure out why the plane skidded off the runway.

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