Company gives new life to scratched CDs

September 9, 2011

CDs, no matter how scratched, can go through a machine that buffs out the scratches and makes them sound new again. is an online store that will buy and sell used digital media, including music CDs, DVDs and video games. The company will rejuvenate heavily damaged media.

"If you have ten CDs on your shelf and you no longer listen to them you can go on spun, put them in your shopping cart, say you get $30 for those, you can buy a couple new DVDs or Xbox games or whatever you want," said co-founder Steven Grundy. prides itself on keeping damaged products in circulation and out of landfills, allowing customers to trade in their music and movies.

The inventory runs the gamut, according to's Shane Taylor.

"We get a lot of pop stuff that might be out of trend by like two weeks," he said. "We also get a whole lot of hard to find stuff, stuff that's out of print, stuff that you can't just buy out of the store."

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