Duck confit sandwich

Septempber 18, 2011

duck confit (duck legs, duck fat)
Dijon mustard
celery root vbanyluls vinegar
french baguette

Cure four duck legs overnight in sugar, salt, and herbs. Rinse. Place duck in pan and cover with duck fat and cook at 300 degress for four hours or until tender. Let rest in fat until cool enough to pick. Pull meat from bone and set aside.

Aioli: Take 3 T egg yolk and place in bowl, whisk in canola oil until thick, add the juice of 1/2 lemon and whisk in. Add about 1T of Dijon mustard or until desired mustard flavor. Season with salt and pepper

cut outer lay of celery root and then slice as thin as possible

To finish, place pulled duck meat and celery root in pan with 1T butter and 1/2 cup chicken stock (or water) and cook until stock is almost completely reduced. Add in 2t of banyuls vinegar let sit.

Slice apples in nice size slices (so you know they are there ). Set aside.

Cut baguette in half. Place a good amount of the Dijon aioli mixture on the both side of the bun. Next, place the duck mixture on bun. Finish with sliced apples and celery leaves, if available.


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