Michigan apple picking season

Michigan is the 3rd largest apple-producing state in the nation. Michigan is projected to produce 26-27 million bushels of apples or more than 1.1 billion pounds of apples this year. Personal Chef Paul Penney from "Aussie in the kitchen" (aussieinthekitchen.com) is in the ABC 7 kitchen on behalf of Michigan.org to share his tips on where to find local apple orchards, how to pick the best apples, and how to make apple pie at home!

Michigan apple orchards/farm markets map | Michigan apple orchards located closer to Chicago

  • Most popular Michigan apples include: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Gala.
  • The Honeycrisp variety continues to grow in popularity. Honeycrisp has a crisp, juicy bite and a sweet flavor. They are best for fresh eating and also a great addition to salads. The 1st Michigan Honeycrisp will be shipped to stores and farmers markets this week.
  • Another must-try is the Jonagold, a hybrid of Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
Braeburn / Mildly Sweet and Crispy / Fresh, Baked
Empire / Combo Sweet and Tart / Fresh, Baked
Fuji / Sweet and Crunchy / Fresh, Baked
Gala / Sweet and Crunchy / Fresh, Baked
Ginger / Gold Sweet-Spicy and Firm / Fresh
Golden Delicious / Sweet and Firm / Fresh, Baked
Honeycrisp / Sweet, Crisp and Juicy / Fresh
Ida Red / Tart, Firm and Juicy / Fresh, Baked
Jonagold / Sweet, Firm and Juicy / Fresh, Baked
Jonathan / Sweet-Spicy / Fresh, Baked
McIntosh / Sweet-Tart and Juicy / Fresh, Baked
Paula Red / Sweet-Tart and Juicy / Fresh, Baked
Red Delicious / Sweet, Juicy and Crunchy / Fresh
Rome / Mildly Tart and Juicy / Fresh, Baked

  • Check with the farmer for instructions. They will point you to ready-to-harvest apples. Ask for a map!
  • Look at the apple first and make sure it's one you would want to eat.
  • To Pick: Twist; Twist; Twist; Pull

More information: michiganapples.com


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