Facebook vote to determine suburban baby's name

September 21, 2011 (CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill.)

With Lindsey Meske's second pregnancy, she is having to monitor her sugar levels and the baby's position -- which is now breech. Those are health issues she didn't have with her first pregnancy. Amid the serious matters, there is also the serious issue of finding a girl's name on which her and her husband agree.

"My mom and my sister were totally for McKenna to begin with," said Lindsey, but David was absolutely like, 'I hate it, I hate it.' Then I will give you Addilyne, but then he was like, 'I don't even like that one.' So I guess we're going back to McKenna."

"McKenna sounds like a last name, so I was against that name, so we were going back and forth in a fun joking around way," said David.

David Meske -- an avid Facebooker -- came up with the idea to open up the naming with a fan page and website and their favorite four girl's names:

  • McKenna,
  • Addilyne,
  • Madelyn,
  • and Emily.

"Let our friends decide and kinda see what they come up with," said David. "We'll give them the four names we want and let them pick it. That way she can't say, 'Well, you got to pick the name.' I can't say she got to pick the name. We're kind of out of the equation now."

"If McKenna wins, I'm totally for it," said Lindsey. "If it does not, I'm too deep into it to try and back out. My husband and his genius ideas."

With the Meske's first daughter, they both loved the name Brianna. Brianna now has her favorite name for a new sister -- which happens to be mom's favorite name.

"Vote McKenna. That's Brianna's favorite," said Lindsey.

"I think that's a lot of brainwashing on my wife's part," said David. "I try to sway her, but every time I try to sway her, she says, 'No, daddy, it's McKenna,' so I'm losing on that front."

The Meskes says they are OK with whatever name is chosen.

The baby girl is due in January.

So far, McKenna is ahead.

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