Healthy after school snacks from Pampered Chef

Sugar and processed foods can provide a short-term fix, but don't provide the energy and nutrients kids need in the long-run. To help kids recharge for the evening, there are several healthy recipes parents can use to make nutritious foods tastier. Brian Clark, Test Kitchen Chef from The Pampered Chef, is here to demonstrate some great after-school recipes. As the father of three, he's an expert on quick, easy and healthy snack ideas for kids.

Getting Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

We all know how challenging it can be to get your kids to eat their veggies. Thankfully, now there's a quick, easy solution with a new Veggie Wedger .

Turn snack prep into a fun kid activity, with parental supervision, of course, and your kids will eat their vegetables. This tool wedges a variety of fruits and veggies (including onions, tomatoes, potatoes and citrus fruits) into six wedges in one quick motion. All you have to do is place food on a cutting board and use the ergonomic handles to press a serrated stainless blade through the food.

Chef's Tips: Involving kids in food preparation is often all it takes to get them to eat a variety of healthy foods. For the veggie pizza, let kids choose which vegetables to put on the pie and how each one will be prepared, grated or crinkle-cut for instance.

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