Beauty routine should change with weather

    Susan suggests:
  • Replace shimmers with matte and lipgloss with lipstick and replace light 'fruity' colors with dark, mature, deeper tones.
  • Replace body lotions loaded with Aloe and SPF with richer, thicker moisturizers for dry indoor skin.
  • Replace lighter boosting serums with richer-treatment night creams.
  • Change out your mascara and lip products for good hygiene each season.
  • Switch out bronzer for blush.
  • Go for more "repair" products instead of "protect" products.

Products Shown:

REMBRANDT Deeply White collection Peroxide Mouthwash and Toothpaste gets out surface and deep stains. $7 each at Walgreens.

BABY LIPS REPAIRING LIP BALM by MAYBELLINE NEW YORK - the first line of treatment lip products from this line. It is boosted with botanical, cell-renewal concentrates. Comes in clear or tinted, SPF 20. $3.99 at various drug stores.

VASELINE INTENSIVE BODY RESCUE LOTION - It's fragrance-free and doesn't compete with your perfumes. Splurge your dollars on the face creams, not body lotion. $2.99 at various stores.

DNA RENEWAL NIGHT CREAM -- by DNA EFG RENEWA-- Beverly Hills doctor Dr. Ron Moy is the leading expert in plant DNA skin science. This is the fastest cell renewal you can buy on the market. Plant DNA helps generate new cells fast and repair summer's sun damage. $130.


    Merlot - deep wine color lipstick $6

    Pump it up plumper - tingly and colored $6

    Smokey Look Kit - $13

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