Guest List: Patricia Quinn and Barry Bostwick

September 30, 2011 (RELEASE)

Hollywood Blvd. begged, borrowed and pleaded to get a brand new print struck from the original 1975 negative locked away in British film vault.

The original full length motion picture featuring "Super Heroes" and other scenes that were cut from the highly edited American release version has now been released. This is not the typical 20 year old print full of cuts, splices, crackling soundtrack, and faded colors. This is the only brand new theatrical print released and is mixed for the very first time in Dolby Stereo! We feature the live performance cast "Completely Crazy" for every show.

Meet Patricia Quinn & Barry Bostwick
Hollywood Celebrity Show
Rosemont Hotel 5550 N River Rd Rosemont, IL
Sat, 10am-5pm
Sun, 11am-4pm

Hollywood Blvd Cinema - Woodridge
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Saturday, 10pm & Midnight
(meeting fans beginning at 9pm)

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