Study: Women in make-up more trustworthy, likeable

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October 3, 2011 3:09:05 PM PDT
Wearing make-up may be more than an issue of vanity. A new study finds make-up significantly changes how females are perceived by others.

Both men and women were shown photos of woman without cosmetics and then with cosmetics. The findings: The more makeup she used the more each women was judged to be attractive, likable, competent and trustworthy. The psychological implications are both revealing and potentially helpful.

The findings suggest that women who use make up have the power to determine what part of their personality they want to communicate too others, but there is a limit to what's helpful.

Those who were the most heavily made up were rated less trustworthy. Researchers from Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital and the cosmetics company Procter and Gamble were involved in the study.