Fall Planting Tips

October 11, 2011

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with Jennifer Brennan and Tracy Butler at Chalet

FB question from Heather Knight -- what plants to plant for fall?
Annuals, vegetables, perennials and grasses that will survive temperatures into the 20s:

Fall Annuals:
Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana)
Sweet Alyssum (Alyssum maritmum)
Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)
Pot marigold (Calendula officianalis)

Cold Temperature tolerant vegetables
Swiss Chard
Ornamental Cabbage
Ornamental Kale
Ornamental Peppers

Fall Bulbs
Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale)
Saffron Crocus (Colchicum sativus)

Fall Perennials
Aster (Aster spp.)
Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)
Mist Flower (Eupatorium coelstinum)
Goldenrod (Solidago spp.)
Chrysanthemum (Dendranthemum x grandiflora)
Tri-color Sage and Golden Sage (Salvia officianalis)
Coral Bells (Heuchera spp. 'Silver Scrolls', 'Crème Brulee'; 'Dolce Licorice')
Bugle weed (Ajuga spp. 'Black Scallop'; 'Burgundy Glow'; 'Mahogany')
Ivy (Hedera helix)
Creeping wirevine (Muehlenbecjia axillaris)

Blue Rush (Juncus inflexus 'Blue Arrows')
New Zealand Hair Sedge (Carex comans 'Bronze')
Feather Grass (Stipa tenuisima 'Ponytails')
Fountain Grass (Penesetum alopecuroides 'Hameln')
Golden Sweet Flag (Acorus gramineus 'Ogon')

FB question from Linda Philbaum -- she just planted Boxwood, wants them to grow and wants to know when to prune?
-a boxwood plant in a container
-Bonide Root and Grow plant starter, 40 ounce bottle for $12.99
-pruning shears.

FB question from Paula Mosoff -- she just brought her Schefflera houseplant inside from it's summer vacation and wants to know how to take care of it and how long it will take to adjust to interior conditions?
-a Schefflera plant
-Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Insect Control, 24 ounce ready to spray for $12.99
-Bayer Advanced Insect, Disease and Mite Control, 24 ounce ready to spray for $14.99

Jennifer's best advice for Fall lawn care -- there is STILL TIME to help our lawns recover from another harsh summer growing season -- fertilize, kill the weeds NOW and water, water, water until the ground freezes solidly Bonide Weed Beater Plus Granular for $25.99 to cover 5,000 square feet of lawn
-a NEW earth-friendly natural, iron based weed killer -- Bayer Advanced Natria Lawn Weed Control for $26.99 used to spot spray weeds in the lawn

Espoma Organic Lawn Food 18-0-3, 20 pound bag for 5,000 square feet of lawn for $34.99.

Jennifer's FAVORITE time of year because of BULBS -- planting them now gives you such a huge reward next spring

PlantSkydd Animal repellents, liquid – spray 24 ounce for $24.99; granular 1 pound shaker jar for $19.99 to cover 600 linear feet

AND back – Natura Mycotabs, Combination fertilizer tablets with a repellent based on Bitrex, a nitrogen based bitter substance that stays in the plant parts for 18 months, 30 tablets for $14.99.

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