Take Back Chicago protests with giant slushy

October 12, 2011 (CHICAGO)

They want the city's extra "slush" fund money to go to schools, city services and blighted neighborhoods, not corporations like United Airlines and MillerCoors.

"We are here to tell the mayor to end corporate welfare," said Reverend Booker Vance, Take Back Chicago.

The mayor's office says some of the "slush funds" formally known as tax increment financing funds, do go to economic development to create jobs and keep corporations in Chicago. It also says some money goes to communities. The group, who is taking the trolley to corporations and the board of trade, says they want 50 percent of that fund.

"Mayor Emanuel, how can you sit there on hundreds of millions of dollars when my children do not even get music, computers or recess?" said Michelle Torez, Take Back Chicago.

There's also a dispute about how much money is in the pot. Take Back Chicago claims it's an astounding $850 million. The mayor's office says it is only $12 million. Either way, the group is sponsoring an ordinance to get more of the dough.

"Why has our city council repeatedly chosen the corporate elite over our children? We must put the tax dollars back into our laws, schools and health services," said Beverly King, Take Back Chicago.

The same group has been protesting in chicago all week long, demanding help with the foreclosure crisis and more job opportunities.

On Tuesday, 21 demonstrators were arrested in two protests downtown. No arrests were made Wednesday monring. The group has been rallying all week, fighting for the struggling middle class. Similar scenes are familiar around the country. Occupy Wall Street went to the homes of corporate executives in New York Tuesday.

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