Lottery winner plans to split $1M with family

October 14, 2011

"I'd like to thank God first of all. Definitely got to thank the lottery, appreciate that, for the lottery. And my mom, beign a mom, it's been a rough life. But this million dollars will greatly improve our situation. Thank you," said Perry.

Perry explains his mom and siblings have always stuck together. They helped him through cancer that took his right arm many years ago. The siblings have also been buying lottery tickets for years, pledging that the money won by one would be shared by all. They all agree the first one to benefit will be mom.

"She's happy she'll get a house. And her life is going to much easier for her now," said Perry.

Perry is the first of 25 potential $1 million winners in the newest game of the Illinois Lottery, the $200 Million Cash Spectacular.

The $600,000 lump sum award will also help pay off debts, buy a car or two for family members, and help friends who have helped the family in the past.

Perry plans to keep doing what he does every day, which is volunteering at a nearby shelter, though his sister reveals they will celebrate with a giant family meal.

"He wants to go to a breakfast, believe it or not...they are like 18 of us when we are all together...And he wants to tip the waitress really good," said Theresa Jackson.

Another sibling, sister Cori buys plenty of lottery tickets too, and she's just won $500.

Perry has a tip for winning. He and his brother buy several tickets every day at several gas stations. In this case, the winning ticket was purchased at a Wauconda Citgo station. The owner got a $6,000 bonus from the Illinois Lottery.

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