Rapid Round: Divorce

October 17, 2011

But there are still a lot of myths when it comes to ending the marriage.

In this Rapid Round segment, ABC7 busts through some divorce myths, and we also talk about what not to do when going through that process with divorce coach Lee Block, who runs the post divorce chronicles website called the Post Divorce Chronicles

Some of the myths Block addresses are:

-The idea that divorce is the easy way out
-After divorce, everyone gets along better
-The kids will be better off

Once you've made the decision to divorce, here's what Block recommends NOT to do:

-don't communicate through your children
-don't not answer the phone when the other parents calls
-don't speak poorly about your ex in front of the children
-don't tell the other parent how to parent

Now, to what may be the other toughest part after a divorce: your ex is getting remarried. Blocks says:

-try to befriend their new spouse
-tell children you are happy they have a bonus parent
-let go of control

For more information on Lee Block, visit http://www.leeblock.com

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