2 dead in Skokie stabbing

October 26, 2011 (SKOKIE, Ill.)

The mother was only 18 years old. Her daughter was 27 months old.

Skokie Police are calling it a domestic family disturbance. The mother and daughter were both stabbed to death in a house in the 4600-block of Main Street early Wednesday afternoon. They were both from Chicago.

Police say they are questioning a 39-year-old Skokie man that they consider a person of interest. He lived on the first floor.

Investigators worked into the night Wednesday, collecting evidence inside the first floor of the Skokie three-flat.

Officers responded after a man called police just before 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

"A gentleman called up and stated that he had just killed his daughter and granddaughter," said Skokie Police Sgt. David Pawlak.

The building's owner, Martin Nateras, said that a man, woman and her adult daughter, who does not have any children, live in the unit. He says they are safe. But Nateras adds that the family recently sublet one room to another man.

"The people who live over there had rented a room to another -- apparently his ex-wife, girlfriend, whatever, came over and he stabbed her and her little girl," said neighbor Nick Roeder.

At least one resident, Jessica Record, who lives on the top floor, said she did not realize what happened until a knock on her door.

"I told them I didn't hear or see anything," Record said.

Neighbors said they have not seen the man who sublet the property, and they find it hard to believe that the original family would be involved.

"At least it's more consistent with the family I know who lives there," said neighbor Steve Teelucksongh. "They are a good family and I wouldn't have expected that type of behavior."

Residents describe the community as peaceful.

"Something like this comes out of the blue," said neighbor Teresa Serrano. "You don't know what to think... because, as everybody says, nowhere is 100 percent safe."

Police will only say that a cutting instrument was used in the crime.

Even though the 911 caller said he killed his daughter and granddaughter, Skokie police would not confirm that relationship. They only say that the victims' relatives have not all yet been notified.

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