For Your Family: Sleep Disordered Breathing

November 7, 2011 (CHICAGO)

If you notice they're sleepy and cranky day after day, they could be suffering from a common sleep disorder. According to recent studies, nearly one in five children are affected by sleep disordered breathing.

Joining ABC7 to talk more about it was Dr. Kevin Hulett, an ear, nose and throat specialist with Midwest ENT Consultants in Chicago's western suburbs.

Q: What causes sleep disordered breathing in pediatric patients?

A: Sleep disordered breathing is caused by complete or partial obstruction of the throat at night by enlarged tonsils.

Q: What are the symptoms parents should be looking for?

A: Loud snoring, mouth breathing, aggression, hyperactivity and depression, slowing of growth, bed wetting.

Q: At what point would a tonsillectomy be recommended?

A: Tonsillectomy should be considered when a child has more than seven infections in one year.

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