Bialek fires back at Cain's denial of bold advance

November 9, 2011 (GLENVIEW, Ill.)

Cain and the other Republican presidential contenders are in Michigan Wednesday for a televised debate, where the allegations could come into play. On Tuesday, Cain called Bialek, who accuses him of fondling her 14 years ago when she went to talk to him about a job, a "troubled woman." She fired back Wednesday, labeling him a "pathological liar."

"That's what's going on here: The man has complete amnesia and I think he believes himself. Pathological liars usually do those kinds of things," Bialek said.

Bialek continued the media rounds Wednesday, and indicated she would be willing to take part in a press conference with one or more of Cain's other accusers. Treasury Department spokeswoman Karen Kraushaar acknowledged Tuesday that she is one of two women who settled sexual harassment complaints against Cain during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association. Talks are underway for Kraushaar to publicly tell her story.

"I'm so proud of the other lady for coming forward. You have no idea. My whole intention in this whole ordeal was to do just that, to make sure there was a voice, and if I had to be the first one, so be it," Bialek said.

Bialek has come under scrutiny since announcing the allegations of sexual harassment against Cain. The Glenview woman has declared bankruptcy twice and held nine jobs in 17 years. Today her main sources of income are child support and financial help from her fiance.

Cain's team has said they think money is her motive. "The fact is the Democratic machine in America has brought fourth a troubled woman to make these claims," Cain said Tuesday.

"I knew what I was in for when I did this. I knew they would dig up dirt. I don't care. I care about my son the most. I don't care about me. I care about the truth," Bialek said.

Kraushaar, who now works for the Treasury Department, filed another claim three years later at different job. That discrimination claim came after a car accident was not in sexual nature, she said.

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