Emanuel facing budget, parking tax opposition

November 9, 2011 3:11:41 PM PST
As the Chicago City Council meets Wednesday, some aldermen are questioning Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan for a $2-a-day tax hike on people who use city parking lots. Protesters at city hall also rallied over concerns about the mayor's budget.

Regarding the parking lot tax, Emanuel said it is meant to ease downtown congestion and that it would raise more than $28 million.

But some aldermen worry it would be applied to garages outside the Loop area and would include overnights and weekends, and not just peak hours.

Meanwhile, protestors rallied in front of Chicago's city hall Wednesday morning demanding that Mayor Emanuel include money for libraries and schools in his budget.

The Grassroots Collaborative and other activicts carried signs and staged what they called a "budget crime scene." They say the mayor's budget cuts are aimed at working families.

The mayor recently changed his mind about a proposal to cut back on library hours to save money.