Panda recovering after cataract surgery

November 11, 2011 (SHANGHAI)

The panda called "Pengpeng" received the surgery at 6 p.m. in the afternoon and it was specially moved into a single room before the surgery.

Zookeepers kept putting eye drops into Pengpeng's eyes every hour to brace him for the surgery. They have also used the smell of carrots to allure Pengpeng to sit down composedly.

There are crystals in both of his eyes and he couldn't see clearly carrots which are just in front of him. And he could find the carrot only by the olfactory sensation.

Another panda called Zhuangzhuang's eyes are black which are different from Pengpeng's. What is more serious is Pengpeng also got injury on his right eye.

"Since March this year, we usually put food here, but he can't see clearly. He can only find it by his olfactory sensation. If we changed his cage, he would bump into the wall. It means that there are some problems with his eyes. It is hard for him to go around because of the poor eyesight," said Gu Jianping, a giant panda keeper.

Keepers invited the director of ophthalmology department of Eye and ENT Hospital affiliated to elite Fudan University in Shanghai to operate on him. The eye specialist will have a 48-hour observation after the surgery.

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