Green Holiday Tips

November 27, 2011 5:38:27 AM PST
November 28 is "Cyber Monday," the day for a lot of online shopping for holiday gifts. But The Nature Conservancy is declaring that day "Green Gift Monday" to encourage everyone to choose "green" gifts that are good for the planet.

Leslee Spraggins, The Nature Conservancy's state director, joined us in our ABC7 studio to talk about the annual Green Gift Monday campaign and environmentally-friendly holiday options.


1. Gift-wrapping alternatives
- Use old maps
- Use old calendars with pretty pages

2. E-cards are more "green" than regular cards

3. Turn regular cards from last year into gift tags

4. Choose LED lights

5. Buy a tree
- Fake trees are made of PVC, which requires a lot of electricity to produce
- New trees are quickly replanted for each one cut down