Cain accuser Sharon Bialek faces eviction

November 29, 2011 (GLENVIEW, Ill.)

Now Cain says he is "reassessing" his campaign.

In this Intelligence Report we have news about one of Cain's first accusers.

Although it seems as though the allegations against Cain have been piling up for much longer, it was just three weeks ago that Chicagoan Sharon Bialek became the first alleged accuser to actually speak out against Cain. Now, the I-Team has learned, she is being evicted from her suburban townhouse, adding fuel to Cain's suggestion that Bialek had severe financial problems and was trying to strike it rich by making up stories about him.

When we last saw Sharon Bialek, she was still in the center of the Herman Cain storm, having just accused him of groping her 14 years ago in a back-seat come-on.

Tuesday afternoon, Cook County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the Glenview townhome where Bialek has been living with her teenage son. County authorities attempted to serve an eviction notice on her, although she wasn't there to accept it.

According to a sheriff's spokesman, the action is a forcible eviction for non-payment of rent filed by her landlord, $7,500 that Bialek owes in back rent.

Earlier this month the I-Team reported that Bialek had twice filed for bankruptcy and was facing numerous current liens.

The sheriff's department has until December 15 to serve Bialek with the eviction papers and the summons requires her to appear in court. During the process she and her son will be allowed to remain in the townhouse at least for several weeks.

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