Heart and Soul: Special Edition

December 10, 2011 (PRESS RELEASE)

ABC 7's Charles Thomas and Karen Jordan will host the next edition of HEART & SOUL, a series of specials that tap into Chicago's vibrant African American community and a recent winner of a 2011 Emmy Award. Cheryl Burton and Jim Rose will serve as contributors on Saturday, December 10 at 6:00 pm. An encore presentation of HEART and SOUL will air Sunday, December 11 at 2:00 PM on ABC 7.

HEART and SOUL will feature 17-year old Chloe Graham, a junior at Iliana Christian High School who published her own style magazine targeting teens. From concept to completion, this forward thinking young girl oversees everything from the photo shoots to editorial, all from her home in Matteson, Illinois.

Also featured is Jason Wright, former Arizona Cardinals football player, who walked away from a million dollar contract to pursue a degree in Business at the University of Chicago. He is hoping to fulfill his dream of opening a charter school for inner city children after completing his degree.

In addition to that, the program looks at some unique awards designed by local artist William Bigham of the William Bigham Galleries.

Lastly, HEART and SOUL also takes a look at two young ladies who started a charter school in the South Loop to help economically disadvantaged students. Their school is preparing students to be leaders, doing so with the World Scholars Program, through which ten students get the opportunity to travel out of the country at the end of each school year. In the past, these students have visited Brazil and Congo. At the end of this school year they will be traveling to Mexico.

HEART and SOUL is featured on-demand at abc7chicago.com.

HEART and SOUL is produced by Rubye Wilson.

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