Gift Guide: Hot gadgets from the Technology Tailor

December 14, 2011 (CHICAGO)

T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II
$229 w/ a 2 year contract T-Mobile's HTC Amaze 4G
$259 w/ a 2 year contract


Logitech Mini Boombox

ZAGGkeys Flex & ZAGGfolio
$80 and $99

TiVo Premiere

The two newest and sexiest Android smart phones available for the holidays:

The HTC Amaze 4G -- this phone has an 8 megapixel camera and shoots 1080p HD video!
The Samsung Galaxy S II -- All about movies and TV shows -- access to every online provider, AND a HUGE 4.5 inch screen.

The Amazing Yelp service:
When Alex and his wife were in Hawaii, they LIVED in the Yelp app, finding amazing places to eat -- and Shop. Most people don't know this, but Yelp can help you get your holiday shopping done with wildly useful reviews from your fellow shoppers.

Logitech's Color Collection
Priced at just $30 to $40, these colorful keyboards, mice and web cams bring life and energy to computer accessories.
Aimed at young women and college students, these devices are fun, affordable, and visually interesting for your cameras!

TiVo and its Terrific New iPad App:
TiVo is the single best DVR on the planet -- miles ahead of the cable company's DVRs.
It gives you a DVR, Netflix, Pandora music, Amazon's video on demand, and Hulu. Cable programming AND Internet content.
There's now a great new iPad app, where you can set and manage recordings, and have full access to your cable guide.

The Zagfolio:
It's a hot carbon-fiber iPad case on the outside, with a soft microfiber lining.
Oh, and inside, there's a full Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad.
Which means this one case holds your iPad and your keyboard, making you (and your iPad) THAT much more productive and effective.

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