NewsViews: Francis Cardinal George

December 25, 2011 7:31:47 AM PST
On this edition of NewsViews: 74-year-old Francis Cardinal George says he hopes Pope Benedict won't accept the letter of resignation he must soon send.

Francis Cardinal George will turn 75 on January 16th. The Vatican requires that at that age every bishop must submit a letter of resignation to the Pope. The Pope can decline to accept a resignation, which he is expected to do in this case.

The Chicago Archdiocese told ABC7's Alan Krashesky they hope the Pope will allow Cardinal George to serve at least until the Cardinal is 78.

Pope Benedict is 84, but there is no age limit for a Pope.

We will also ask the Cardinal about other issues, including whether he will allow the controversial Father Michael Pfleger to continue to serve as pastor of St. Sabina Church long after the term-limit on a priest serving at any one church has expired.