Aurora family welcomes 3rd Christmas baby

December 26, 2011 8:45:02 PM PST
December birthdays can get lost in the frenzy of Christmas. But Sunday's birth of a child in Aurora is described by her sisters as the best birthday and Christmas present ever. That's because the sisters were also born at Christmas time.

Marnie and Brett Lindberg brought their daughter Natalie home from the hospital Monday.

Natalie arrived on Christmas day. That puts her birthday right in between those of her two big sisters. Ellie, 5, was born on December 24, 2006 and Katie, 7, was born on December 26, 2004.

Marnie laughs when asked if it was all planned.

"No. We tried for about three and a half, four years to get pregnant and we skipped February and March on purpose and then we didn't skip it. And then we got pregnant again. We like to say it's our own March madness," she said.

"It was still special when we found out, kinda told the kids about it and they were happy," said Brett.

Natalie's big sisters say they actually like having their birthdays so close.

"Because I get to spend more time with my sisters," said Katie.

And there is no resentment over sharing the holiday with the newest arrival.

"I want to be a good sister and change her diaper," said Ellie. "I really like her."

The Lindbergs say they are working on creating new traditions so the holidays and birthdays won't be too overwhelming as the girls grow up. And they say they don't plan to spend another Christmas in the maternity ward.