OEMC launches QR codes for emergency notifications

December 28, 2011 (NEWS RELEASE)

This innovative technology is optimized for use on a mobile phone with the goal of helping City residents prepare for, respond to, and stay informed before, during and after an emergency.

OEMC QR Codes will provide residents with information related to City of Chicago OEMC emergency operations, allow access to register for Notify Chicago emergency alerts and the ability to view recent press releases via smart phones and many mobile devices.

The new innovative technology will allow residents to receive emergency notification alerts regarding traffic disruptions, health alerts, severe weather and major incidents via NotifyChicago.com. In addition, media outlets can access OEMC press release on-the-go via their smart phones. The OEMC QR Codes provide direct access to both the OEMC and Alert Chicago websites where resources can be found on building an emergency kit, developing an emergency plan and being informed of emergencies.

QR Codes can be used to take information from transitory media and loading it into your mobile phone in an easy-to-use format that can be viewed on an array of I-Phones, Androids and tablets. Once information has been loaded in your phone, you can view on-line communication from the OEMC.

"As new technologies continue to evolve, our City can continue to cultivate a stronger culture of preparedness by adopting software applications that make emergency information easier and more convenient to access in the palm of your hand," said OEMC Executive Gary W. Schenkel.

In order for a cell phone to recognize a QR Code, it is necessary to download the FREE QR Reader. You can download this app by either googling "QR Code" or by visiting www.kaywa.com. It takes literally one minute for someone with an iPhone or Android phone to find and install the reader. Take a picture of the QR Code from your smart phone and you are instantly linked to OEMC emergency preparedness options.

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