Cops: 4 shot dead before DuPage Co. fire

January 18, 2012 2:31:06 PM PST
Suburban police say a man fatally shot a mother, her two sons and niece Tuesday before setting their house on fire.

Authorities found the bodies of Ursula Nailor, 37, Darnell Holt, 16, and Daniel Nailor, 13, and Dominique Robinson, 19, in their home in unincorporated Villa Park near Summit and Roosevelt roads.

DuPage County law enforcement says the three young people were shot in their beds along with the mother of the boys, Ursula Nailor. Police say the shooter was her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Cedric Anderson, 42. He has a long list of criminal convictions in Cook County and was awaiting sentencing for a December 29th heroin possession conviction.

When police went to question Anderson about the murders and subsequent fire, they found him dead in his father's house. He had apparently shot himself.

"All I know is he shot them dead and burned them up," said Jerome West, Ursula Nailor's cousin.

Darnell Holt's loss was keenly felt at Willowbrook High School where he was a student.

"Darnell brought passion to our wrestling program," said Bryan Murphy, Holt's wrestling coach. "He built bridges with his teammates."

"He would come in to school early, and we would have a discussion about how his day was going to go, because he always knew how it was going to go," said Terry Harrell, Holt's teacher. "He was one of those kids that had a huge personality."

Daniel Nailor went to Albright Middle School in Villa Park where counselors were provided for grieving students.

"People are taking it pretty hard especially as more news about how it happened unfolds," said Superintendent John Corell, Albright Middle School.

Family members arrived throughout the day to comfort Dominique Robinson's mother, Sheila Robinson.

"Basically, I was called from work and they told me there were four bodies that got murdered and they said it was Dominique, the two boys and Ursula, so basically she just went over there to visit. It was tragic," said Yvette Dawson, Dominique Robinson's godmother.

"Sweet family, loving. We raised our kids together, had a lot of fun," said Don Hendon, family friend.

The DuPage coroner's office had finished two of the four autopsies Wednesday afternoon. All the coroner could confirm at that point was that all four victims with shot.