Man arrested in West Side sex assaults, robberies

January 19, 2012 3:42:26 PM PST
A Chicago man accused of going on a one-man crime spree on the city's West Side is being held without bond.

Darrion Grossley, 22, is suspected in a series of armed attacks that included eight robberies and at least two sexual assaults in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

Grossley is charged with eight counts of armed robbery with a firearm, two counts of criminal sexual assault with a firearm and one count of aggravated assault with a firearm.

He was arrested Wednesday in the 4000-block of West Madison, the same block where investigators say some of the crimes occurred. Police say surveillance video and witness accounts led officers to recognize Grossley. Chicago police say when officers tried to arrest him, Grossley ran. He was caught with a black ski mask, officers said.

In recent days a pattern was emerging. Business owners, employees and customers on West Madison describe a similar situation.

The first robbery was on Christmas Eve in the middle of the day at a general merchandise store. A salesman, who didn't want to be identified, says the suspect robbed the store, individual customers and even him before leaving.

"First when he came in, I thought it was a joke. He came in and put the gun in my side and told everyone to get on the floor. I looked and about to laugh and I lift my arm up and see the gun right here," said the salesman. "He said, Merry Christmas, and walk out the door."

Jimmii Le, the owner of a nail salon, says he was robbed on December 27. He says he and his employees are grateful the suspect is in custody.

"I'm happy for that because all of my co-workers are happy and they feel good to work again," Le said.

Grossley may yet face other charges. Police are investigating other robberies in the area.

Islamuddin Siddiqui, the salesman of a clothing store, says he was robbed the Friday before New Year's.

"He told me go to the back. You all go back there. Then give all the money," said Siddiqui.

Grossley's family said he may have robbed some East Garfield Park stores, but did not rape anyone.

"He knows if he do the crime, he do the time," Fatima Allah, Grossley's aunt said. "But the rapes, he did not do that."

"That's my cousin. We love him. We're going to support him. We'll all be in court," Tanisha Wilson, Grossley's cousin, said.

Grossley is due back in court on February 7.