Heat returns for North Side high-rise building

January 29, 2012 8:09:13 PM PST
The heat is back on for residents of a North Side high-rise apartment.

The owners of the building at 2738 N. Pine Grove had a temporary chimney installed to bypass a blockage in the building's original chimney.

That blockage resulted in unsafe levels of carbon monoxide inside the building.

Heat and hot water service came back in the building Sunday afternoon.

"When these things happen its just a sign to move someplace else," said resident Siobhan Lezynski.

"It's been challenging, especially with no hot water," resident Kristin Nickels said. "With flannel or blankets, you can kind of warm yourself up but a frigid shower is just not pleasant for anybody."

After four days without heat, residents are weighing their options. Tenants were given the option of breaking their leases without penalty. Those who stay will get one month's rent for free.