Eat This Not That

January 31, 2012 10:13:09 AM PST
As you continue your quest to stay healthy this year, you may be rethinking your food choices.

Perhaps all you need for a more successful diet is a food makeover. Cathy Lang is the creator and author of Wardrobe Workouts. Cathy shows us how she has taken some of those go-to food items, and replaced them with healthier options, that allow you to eat more food for a similar number of calories.


Cathy Lang is an industry leading fitness veteran who has been seen frequently on TV across the country. Based on over 17 years of feedback from her female personal training clients Cathy created a first-to-market brand that customizes workouts according to desired wardrobe?Cathy Lang's Wardrobe Workouts.

For over a decade, Cathy Lang has incorporated these lessons and taught women how to customize their workout for the variety of styles each woman wants to wear. The former trainer of NFL and NBA athletes brought this straightforward, highly individualized and personally relevant fashion-based approach to fitness to the masses in her book, Cathy Lang's Wardrobe Workouts: Bye Bye Bra Fat (Nightengale Press, 2004).

Cathy Lang, Wardrobe Workouts
You can eat this...OR you can eat that
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1. Venti Caramel Macchiato (Starbucks) 340 calories 13g fat OR 13.5 Venti Americano (2 1/8 GALLONS) approx same calories, 0g fat

2. Kellogg's lowfat granola (.66 C) 201 calories
Chobani vanilla nf yogurt 120 calories
--321 calories total
2 apples 130 calories
2 slices Ezekiel bread 160 calories
2 hard boiled egg whites 34 calories
--324 calories total

3. Garrett's Chicago Mix (3/4 C) 170 calories 12g fat OR Air popped popcorn (6 C) approximately same calories 2g fat

4. Spicy tuna roll 300 calories 11g fat
Dragon roll 500 calories 18g fat
--800 calories 29g fat
Tuna avocado roll 200 calories 3g fat
Shrimp shumai (8 pieces) 200 calories 1g fat
Miso soup (2 C) 70 calories 2g fat
Chicken yakatori (4 sticks) 240 calories 10g fat
--710 calories 16g fat total

5. Lou Malnati's Chicago Classic Pizza (1 slice) 600 calories OR
Amy's cheese pizza (1 single serve) 420 calories
Spinach (2 10oz bags) 130 calories
Salad dressing suggestion in item #6
--55o calories total

6. Annie's Natural Balsamic Vinaigrette (2T) 100 calories OR Olive Tap Balsamic Vinegar 25oz or approx 3C for same 100 calories