92-year-old Glenview woman celebrates 23rd birthday

March 1, 2012 5:07:04 AM PST
Across the world, around four million people have February 29, or Leap Day, for a birthday, including Marge Cohn, 92, of Glenview.

"I'm 92," Cohn said, answering her door to ABC7's Frank Mathie. "[Today is] my 23rd birthday."

Cohn's family members, who call her "Mimi," are in town to celebrate her birthday.

"I'm overcome. They are so good. They're so darling. They come from all parts of this country. They didn't just come from around the corner," Cohn said.

Do they celebrate every four years?

Cohn said, "No they do it more often. But whenever they come I'm just delighted."

Cohn was born in Chicago on February 29th, 1920, and didn't have a birthday until she was four. Highland Park is where she grew up and married her husband, Nathan. They had five children. Through the years, there was always a birthday party around February 28th or March 1st and the other kids never teased her about being a leap year baby.

"Other kids don't care about someone else's birthday. They only care about their own," Cohn said.

All those years- but so few birthdays.

"I honestly don't remember being denied anything because of no birthday," Cohn said. "It's been distinctive in its own way."

The years have flown by and the birthdays have slowly plodded along. But sooner or later February 29th always gets here.