NATO to showcase security at summit

March 1, 2012 8:25:48 PM PST
The U.S. representative to NATO was in Chicago on Thursday night and said the organization is more vital for security around the world than ever.

Ivo Daalder spoke to more than three hundred people in a series sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

He says the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago is an important opportunity for NATO to showcase its operations in Libya, Afghanistan and other countries.

Daalder says he's not worried about the thousands of protestors expected to come to Chicago as well.

"The city is perfectly capable of making sure this summit comes off without a hitch," he said. "We are coming here to talk business, to talk policy."

Daalder says even though NATO's mission around the world is to provide security, the United States is hosting the 28 NATO leaders and is responsible for the security for its guests.