Snow, rain move through Chicago area

March 2, 2012 8:18:19 PM PST
It was not much snow but it was wet, heavy and annoying, and it has to cleared form the sidewalks and parking lots of businesses in Lake Forest.

The storm produced a variety of conditions throughout the region. From rain to hail and eventually snow, most of the accumulation was in the northern suburbs but it was less than some forecasters predicted.

In Algonquin there was enough snow to break out the snow blowers. In Lake Forest, there was just enough to keep salt truck drivers busy on the expressways but there was no need for their plows.

As soon as the snow fell late this afternoon, all of the crews hit the road to help the rush hour traffic move smoother.

"This time of year is very difficult just because the rain snow line is always so close," Kilcullen said.

Paul Curtis drives around the state for a messenger service, and he knows with today's weather, he needs to be ready for anything.

"Don't plan on being home any certain time," he said. "Just take it easy keep moving forward do the best you can do get things safe."

The storm rolled in slowly, causing different issues in different suburbs. Hail was reported in Arlington Heights. As the temperatures drop, the rain and hail turned to snow.