7 On Your Sideline: David DeJesus

March 4, 2012 8:54:28 PM PST
ABC7's Rafer Weigel talks to new Chicago Cub David DeJesus about leadership, his wife growing up a Cubs fan and what it would be like to win a World Series.

Weigel: "The first acquisition of the new regime. What if anything does that mean to you?"

DeJesus: You know what, it's an honor for sure. Theo and Jed came over here wanting to set a new standard and for them to think of me to be that guy. It's definitely humbling and I just want to take my skills that I have and just bring it here. I'm not more of the spoken leader, I'm the guy that's going to go out there working hard and do It more "showing wise."

Weigel: "Who is the spoken leader so far? I know it's early."

DeJesus: "Marlon Byrd I would say. He's definitely a guy that likes to talk. He likes to teach. So, um, I definitely would say he is right now."

Weigel: "Why the Cubs?"

DeJesus: "There's plenty of reasons why. First off, my wife and I we moved out to the suburbs of Chicago. So we get to have our family around. We get to keep our son on the same schedule, get to live sometimes out of your house. I heard the traffic is an hour and a half. That would be too much every day. Chicago Cub fans are some of the best fans in baseball. To be that team to bring that championship to Chicago, you know, it would be such a great feeling."

Weigel : "Your wife is a Cubs fan?"

DeJesus: "Yeah, yeah. I've seen pictures of her when she was a kid wearing Cubs hats Maybe she just liked the colors."

Weigel: "So winning a World Series might not only be an honor but might make for a happier marriage?"

DeJesus: "Oh for sure. It might be tougher because I think the team that wins that World Series will be immortalized just like the Bears, the '85 team. They're all known now. That would be great to be a part of that Championship team."

Weigel: "Favorite movies?"

DeJesus: "I would say 300. Gladiator. I'm big into those type of movies."

Weigel: "What exactly in your mind is the 'Cubs Way'?"

DeJesus: "I think this year is blue collar way. We don't have the big flashy names but we're going to go out there and give it our best, take it to the team rather than let them take it to us. And I think that's how we're going to win our games."