Boys discover WWII missing dog tags

March 9, 2012 1:47:26 PM PST
Two boys in southern Illinois who were outside playing near their daycare made a priceless discovery.

Six-year-old Maddox Crain and 8-year-old Gauge Mitchell were digging near an old drainage ditch when they found their buried treasure.

"He was just going across the bridge and I was behind him," Crain said. "And I just looked at the dirt and see if I could jump over and I just saw a necklace sticking out of the ground."

"We argued who got to keep it, and then we were going to tell Pam who got to keep it," said Mitchell. "We were going to ask her actually."

Neither boy will keep the World War II era dog tags with a ring attached.

The daycare owner cleaned off the dirt and recognized the name on the tags as Bill Bleyer, a longtime family acquaintance.

Bleyer and his wife were shocked to receive the tags, which had been missing for more than 60 years.

The boys were rewarded with ice cream.