7 On Your Sideline: A.J. Pierzynski

March 18, 2012 9:13:55 PM PDT
White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski is back for another go behind the plate this season and he's looking to be the iron man that can help the Sox staff surprise the rest of the American League.

The engaging backstop sat down with ABC7's Rafer Weigel for a chat.

"I still had a great run," Pierzynski said. "From day one. I just loved Chicago. I love everything about it, the energy, the people, the city. I live in the city. I have a house in the city. I like being around, walking around outside, and feeling the vibe. It is awesome.

Weigel: "Do they like you as much as on the North Side?"

Pierzynski: "Most are pretty harmless. Most will come up and say, 'Hey, I am a Cubs man, but I appreciate the way you go about your business.' I appreciate the way they are and how passionate they are for their team."

Weigel: Would a career in broadcasting be in your future?

Pierzynski: "Are you quitting? We can just switch, if you want. In Chicago, it is a possibility. I learned so much about how a baseball game gets put on the television. I have so much more respect now for the announcers and the producers and the directors, and what it takes to put a baseball game on. I am amazed at all of the work it takes to just do that."

Weigel: "What's harder, playing nine innings or talking for two and half hours?"

Pierzynski: "Two and half hours, you run out of stuff to talk about?There's only so much weather and match-ups you can talk about before you literally start going a little bit crazy. You literally run out of things to talk about."

Weigel: "Your first year with the White Sox, you won a title. Is that a tough act to follow?"

Pierzynski: "It is tough to do consecutive years. Going back to back, it is very hard. It is not like the NBA, the NFL. where a lot of teams make the playoffs. It is a hard grind just to get to the playoffs, and when you do, you enjoy it and savor it. Especially in a place like Chicago. It is something that no one can ever take away. A World Series. We did it, and we are the only people that can say that right now."