Travel Gadgets

March 21, 2012

eBates - is a terrific web site that offers savvy shoppers the smartest way to shop. Each time you make a purchase through Ebates, such as travel gadgets or vacations, you actually receive cash back.

ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook $1000 - An Ultrabook is truly the "must-have" device this year and does everything - runs all the software you know and love, plays movies, provides eight hours of battery life and is very easy to interact with. As a bonus, it's thin, light and easy to travel with.

Sony Red Reader $130 - The lightest 6" eReader with a really long battery life that will let you read for over a month on a single battery charge. Also the world's first eReader to offer wireless public library downloads from the device.

Jak and Daxter video set $40 - Everybody always asks me how to keep the kids - or even worse - the tweens - or teens entertained. If you've got a gamer in the family - for a whole lot less money - you can surprise the kids with the Jak and Daxter Collection - the ultimate PlayStation 3 compilation of the critically-acclaimed series.

Pocketfinder $150 - Another great gadget for travelers is a personal GPS - PocketFinder. It's a tiny, pocket-sized location device that can track people, pets or even lost luggage anytime - from just about anywhere in the world.

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